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Not having a phone can cause major life disruptions. If your finances are keeping you from reliable service, look no further than FES Cellular. We offer a great plan at a great price with no contract or background checks!

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What company is my service through?

FES Cellular (Powered by Sprint)
There is one plan under FES Cellular: unlimited talk, text and data for $49/line/month.
You can add as many lines as you like, but the savings are maximized when you keep your account at three lines.


Which devices are available?

The available phones are listed on the FES Cellular store. At this time, you can purchase new or pre-owned varieties of Apple and Android phones. You also have the option of bringing your own device, as long as it is able to connect to the system.
Not at this time.
Yes. If you are transferring your number from a non-Sprint provider, will have the option to do this on any of the phone options you choose on the site, including BYOD.
For new device orders with new phone number requests, the device will arrive active. For device orders with port in number requests the device will arrive with instructions on how to complete the port.
There is no contract with FES Cellular. It is a month-to-month plan of $49/month/line.
You have 14 days to return the phone. Contact FES Cellular Customer Service at (248) 848-9065.


How do I enroll in auto-pay?

By registering for FES Cellular, paying the activation fee and storing a card number, you are automatically enrolled in autopay. You will be charged $49 for each line per month on that card.
No. Since there is only one plan, which is $49/month/line. This fee will be automatically charged monthly from the credit card you have on file with FES.
You must pay for the entire phone at once. You also have the option to activate an existing, unlocked device that has a Sprint-compatible SIM card for no charge.
To enroll, there is a $29.00 activation fee.
There is no contract or credit check once you enroll in this plan.
It depends on the circumstances. Contact FES Cellular Customer Service at (248) 848-9065.


How do I report a lost or stolen device?

Contact FES Cellular Customer Service at (248) 848-9065.
Contact FES Cellular Customer Service at (248) 848-9065.
Contact FES Cellular Customer Service at (248) 848-9065.
Contact FES Cellular Customer Service at (248) 848-9065.
There are no upgrades available at this time.

Device Protection

Which company supports the phone protection plan coverage?

The Staymobile Enterprise Protection Plan
The Staymobile Enterprise Protection Plan includes a device case and screen protector. It covers the cost of needed repairs or a device replacement in the event of accidental damage with the exception of loss, theft, and full liquid immersion. This coverage is provided for a period of three years. Shipping is included at no cost in the event the user is not located near a repair depot. There are no deductibles associated with the repair or replacement of a device.


Where do I have coverage?

FES Cellular covers all of the US, and includes unlimited talk and text roaming in Canada and Mexico.
Most territories will have coverage, but all locations can be searched at