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Micah Byrd
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UCESPP Membership
UCESPP Membership Agent Fee: $199
UCES Protection Plan: $89/month
Marketing System: $11/year
Total: $299
Standard Agent Membership
Standard Agent Membership Agent Fee:
This opportunity gives you a platform to sell the product, as well as tools to help you manage your business.



UCESPP Membership

$199 Agent Fee

$89/month Protection Plan, which includes:
  • Budgeting

    Track, compare, and monitor your expenses. Use this tool to see what you spend and create a budget for the future.
  • Credit Restoration

    This tool will help you dispute any erroneous, obsolete, and inaccurate negative items on your credit report.
  • Credit Builder

    Learn how your credit score is calculated, and test your knowledge of credit basics with this tool, designed to help empower you to understand your score.
  • Credit Attorney

    If you are having trouble with debt harassment, credit report errors, and other financial issues, learn more about what a credit attorney can do to help.
  • Credit Monitoring

    This system tracks and monitors your credit score, accounts, outstanding debt and much more.
  • Debt Payoff

    Figure out the best way to pay down your debt and save yourself time and money.
  • Financial Lockbox

    Access your financial information from a secure online account from anywhere, anytime!
  • Identity Monitoring

    Use this to monitor and resolve threats your identity, including pre-existing identity theft.
  • Net Worth

    Track your assets and liabilities, calculate your net worth and view changes over time.
  • Savings Goal

    Set personalized savings goals, create a plan and get saving!
  • Will & Trust

    Create a financial plan for your beneficiaries’ futures. Use this system to create living and last wills, as well as designate financial and healthcare power of attorney.
  • YFL Family Mint

    Use this tool to help your children understand practical aspects of money that will help them become financially savvy at a young age.

Standard Membership

Agent Fee
  • Standard Membership

    A standard agent can sell any Protection Plan product, but will only receive direct commission for product sales. They are not eligible to receive CAB Bonuses, Level Overrides, Infinity Bonuses or any other type of compensation. Please see the Compensation Plan for full details.





*I understand that a $4.00 processing fee will be taken from each weekly commission check payment.

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  Agent ID: 401683
  Agent Name: Micah Byrd

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