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Company Overview
Parimal Naik- Cofounder/CEO

Parimal Naik is a cofounder of Financial Education Services. He is responsible for the strategic planning of the IT systems and databases behind the services offered through Financial Education Services. Naik is highly involved in seeking out innovative ideas and developing new products for the customers and Independent Representatives of FES, as well as building substantial business relationships to enhance the growth of the company.

Naik earned a Masters in Computer Science and implemented his expertise by managing the technology and information systems in his previous positions. His accomplishments of redesign and implementation began at development and were carried through the installation, engineering, training, administration and management of each project. He is known for keeping up with the rapid changing business environment.

Mike Toloff- Cofounder/President

Mike Toloff is a cofounder of Financial Education Services. He is responsible for the daily management and operations of the company; developing and directing a results oriented system, which contributes to the consistent improvement and success of the organization. Toloff controls the financial compliance regulations and meeting the legal and ethical standards set by the company.

Prior to the creation of FES, Toloff held several senior executive positions where he focused on the improvement of business efficiency and building an effective team. He established strong vendor relationships, increased credit lines, and successfully realigned crucial departments within several organizations. He continues to implement a systematic approach to secure quality results within the company.